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Please delete emails that claim to relate to your account with idmsoft ( - they are not genuine and they are infected with viruses.

IDM is a small, UK software company specialising in scientific and technical software, Windows applications, and Internet developments that actually work. IDM has no need for its own website. This page is displayed purely to help anybody plagued by malicious emails that pretend to originate here.

Ethically impoverished lowlife have been distributing virus-infected emails purporting to come from IDM's administration. IDM does not spam and does not spread viruses. You are advised to use a spam filter to keep these destructive forgeries away from your computer.

IDM does not run an email service, therefore any email you have claiming to relate to your email account is definitely bogus. Such mail usually has a virus attached, so do not open attachments to emails about your fictitious IDM email account.

In my experience, the free AVG anti-virus package has been completely successful in detecting and disabling the pestware attached to the fraudulent messages. Even better, anti-spam software can prevent them from reaching your inbox. Configuration of spam defences is discussed in the CrystalTech forum.

Be vigilant, Alan Peeling.

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